Conversation 5 (phone call soliloquy)
The sound installation Konversation 5 enables an unexpected dialogue between the cultural sphere and its sponsors. Companies promoting art and culture are automatically selected via smartphones. First, a carpet of sound between dial tone, automatic announcements and music on hold confirms the reception habits of the visitors. But then the aesthetic-symbolic reception tilts into a Kafkaesque form of everyday reality, because the listener on the other side is actually picked up from time to time. (click here for more...)
July, 2022
HFBK Hamburg
Installation view | Photo: Lukas Engelhardt
audio samples from a picture
1918: With a celebratory speech by Aby Warburg, the symbolist painting cycle "The Eternal Wave" is inaugurated in the auditorium of the HFBK Hamburg. About 100 years later, in the context of a university that perceives itself as progressive, it seems strangely out of date there is no discussion of the associated text verses with national connotations. The lecture "Audio samples from a picture" provides a remedy. What is offered is contextualisation, reinterpretation, a painterly alternative proposal and a new opening as a liquefying instant format..." (click here for more...)
June, 2023
Aula, HFBK Hamburg
Photo: Lukas Engelhardt
No Escape Room: Forschen an Nichtlösungen
We are a crew of 20 artists researching non-solutions and simulating dystopian scenarios on the MS Stubnitz. We are building a labyrinthine experimental field in which proliferating organisms face technical and sensory equipment. We sound out possible interrelationships and points of contact, which lead from hopeful paths to dead ends and scenarios of doom...
October, 2022
MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Curation: Lorenz Goldstein und Nikita Kotliar | Installation view: Moritz Schröder
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